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Gammage Title


Family supports Jonny.

October 15, 1996

Sound. Narves Gammage on what she believes happened to her son on October 11, 1995.

October 18, 1996

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NAACP speaks out on Judge Cashman's decision to declare a mistrial in the trial of Officer Mulholland and Patrolman Michael G. Albert.
     On October 15, 1996, court proceedings began for two of the officers charged in the death of motorist Jonny Gammage.  Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman issued a gag order prohibting anyone who was to testify in the case to speak to the media.

     On October 17, 1996, Judge Cashman became enraged concerning an ABC Good Morning America interview with forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, a former coroner who is now coroner-elect who testified at the inquest on the family's behalf, and stated Gammage's Death was the result of "positional asphyxia."