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Gammage Title


Saturday November 9, 1996 @ 11:20 pm
Review of today's rally.

    About 65-75 protestors spent the first few hours of this afternoon protesting the handling of the Gammage case outside the Allegheny County Courthouse.

    Protestors requested that all five of the officers involved in Jonny Gammage's death be charged with homicide, that District Attorney Bob Colville remove himself and his office from the case for a conflict of interest and that Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman remove himself from the case for displaying partiality towards the defense.

    The crowd issued chants of "Break the silence stop cop violence", "No justice no peace", "Jonny Gammage did nothing wrong he was just too black and just too strong", "Pittsburgh Cops you can't hide we charge you with homicide", "hey hey , ho ho D.A. Colville has got to go", "hey hey ho ho Judge Cashman has got to go", "hey hey ho ho DA Krastek has got to go", "Justice for Jonny justice for all".

    Local band The Ploughman's Lunch premiered their new song about Jonny Gammage. Proceeds from the song will go to groups supporting the movement for justice in the trial of the officers charged with Gammage's death. Unfortunatley, it was announced that NRM (National Record Mart) a major chain in most of the malls in the Pittsburgh area has refused to carry the special track. In response consumers have been asked to spend their money at other record stores who do not support such acts of censorship and discrimination.

    Protestors also encouraged the public to boycottt the holiday season by refusing to purchase gifts from downtown merchants. A further more complete effort is expected to be underway in the coming weeks.

    The protestors hope to send a message to the businesses and the money base of Pittsburgh that the citizens of Allegheny County are tired of the harassment, mistreatment and other forms of inferior treatment by the Allegheny County area police. The protest encourages minorities to spend money within their own communities and promotes the flourishing of small businesses as opposed to corporate businesses.