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Officer John Vojtas jury makeup
(Source: Paul Muschick TRIBUNE-REVIEW)

SCRANTON - Here are profiles of the all white panel of jurors and alternates to sit for the John Vojtas trial, based on their answers to questions from prosecutors, defense attorneys and Judge David R. Cashman.

Juror No. 1: Woman, 48. Teaches English at Sacred Heart High School. Believes blacks may be violence victims more often than whites because of prejudice. Brother-in-law is a domestic relations officer. Married with four children. Reads Time, Newsweek, Reader's Digest and the classics. Sister-in-law was raped and case never solved. Knows nothing of the case.

Juror No. 2: Man, 43. Sells pump parts. Reads Stephen King. Once divorced, but remarried with two children. Knows nothing of the case and little about courts in general.

Juror No. 3: Man, 37. Water company pipe fitter. Watches "Seinfeld." Divorced with three kids. Knows nothing of the case.

Juror No. 4: Woman, 61. Homemaker who volunteers with literacy group. Reads several newspapers and magazines. Likes to garden and golf. Married with four children. One daughter is actor Bruce Willis' assistant. Knows only that a football player has ties to the case.

Juror No. 5: Man, 66, self-employed.

Juror No. 6: Man, 66, retired.

Juror No. 7: Woman, 37. Geriatrics nurse whose husband owns an auto body shop. Reads nature and women's magazines, watches "ER" and "Chicago Hope." One son. Husband's uncle is a state trooper. Knows only that a football player's cousin died.

Juror No. 8: Woman, 32, architectural draftsperson. Reads news magazines, People, Stephen King and romance novels. Watches comedies and dramas. Skis and rides horses. Is a San Francisco 49ers fan. Knows nothing of the case.

Juror No. 9: Man, 46. Postal clerk, edits union newsletter. Reads daily newspaper, Newsweek and Reader's Digest. Skis. Served in the Navy. Married with three children. Knows nothing of the case.

Juror No. 10: Man, 23. Benefits administrator for The Prudential. Convicted of retail theft. Lives with his parents. Steelers fan. Reads sports magazines and Stephen King. Golfs. Saw a television interview with Ray Seals.

Juror No. 11: Man, 57. Business administrator for school for troubled and homeless boys. Would wonder if Vojtas didn't testify. Watches TV cop shows. Married with two sons. Knows nothing about the case.

Juror No. 12: Woman, 44, works with handicapped children and is real estate broker. Son's college roommate accused of murder. Uncle is retired state trooper. Reads business and cooking magazines. Has a Thanksgiving dinner planned for 20 people and must be home by then. Knows there was a mistrial in the first trial for two other officers charged in the case.

Alternate Juror No. 1: Woman, 29. Loan processor for a bank. Believes she could get emotional because the victim died. Married. Enjoys camping and music. Watches MTV and sitcoms, reads women's magazines. Knows nothing of the case.

Alternate Juror No. 2: Man, 40. Machine operator. Believes blacks are discriminated against. Married, one daughter. Reads TV Guide, Field and Stream. Enjoys woodworking. Knows nothing of the case.

Alternate Juror No. 3: Woman, 58. Sales clerk at Burlington Coat Factory. Doesn't want to leave her husband and son behind. Reads daily newspaper and watches TV news. Knows nothing of the case.

Alternate Juror No. 4: Man, 50. Water company employee. Believes blacks are discriminated against. Cousin is a local police chief. Reads several magazines, daily newspaper, history books. Vice president of a youth baseball league. Married, three children. Knows nothing of the case.

Alternate Juror No. 5: Woman, 54. Kindergarten teacher. Not sure if she could be swayed by others. Sympathetic to people, but also described herself as fair. Sat in on a murder trial in the 1970s. Reads Time and Good Housekeeping. Watches TV weather, little else. Knows some of the case.

Alternate Juror No. 6: Man, 40. Maintenance worker. Believes blacks are frequently violence victims. Likes to hunt and fish. Eagles fan. Married with two kids. Wrongly heard Gammage was shot.

Alternate Juror No. 7: Man, 23, loan processor. Lives at home with his parents. Sports fan. Reads business and news magazines, watches comedies. Knows only that Gammage was Seals' cousin.

Alternate Juror No. 8: Man, 40. Sells steaks and seafood wholesale. Played college football at Mansfield State University. Knows nothing of the case.