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Tuesday November 19, 1996


  • Urban League to ask President Clinton to hold national summit to develop a national code of conduct for police officers.

  • How much did the lobstermistrial of officers Mullholland and Albert cost us? Read the expense accounts made public yesterday.


Urban League asks Clinton to hold summit

    After the rash of civil disobedience incidents that have occurred throughout the United States over the past several months as a response to what is being viewed as a police brutality epidemic, the national Urban League is requesting that President Clinton hold a national summit on police misconduct.

    Hugh B. Price national Urban League President issued the request at a noon news conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Among attendees to appear were Esther L Bush president of the Urban League of Pittsburgh Narves and Jonny Gammage Sr. the parents of slain motorist Jonny Gammage, and other political and community leaders.

The Cost of a Mistrial

    Last month when two jurors cried foul and told on Court of Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman for treating jurors to the best food taxpayer money could buy the media downplayed the matter and the judge said "I was joking".

    Yesterday expense accounts were made public.

  • Among the charges rang up by jurors were:

    348 long-distance calls totaling nearly $4600

    One juror rang up 49 calls, including 13 in one day costing a total of $511.28.

    Another led spending dialing up
    35 long-distance calls costing $538.81, including $88.34 for a single call.

    Dinner the first night cost
    $807.21 at the Steelhead Grill in their downtown Marriott hotel.
    Three jurors ordered lobster, at
    $36, while other chose entrees ranging from $14 to $24. The following night jurors also had lobster, steak, Manhattans, daiquiris and martinis for dinner.

    On Columbus Day judge Cashman treated jurors to a cruise on the Gateway Clipper Fleet costing

    By the third day the jurors had been cut down to $18 meals.

    One juror watched 11 movies totaling $105.38.

    Total tab picked up by the taxpayers -==> $48,847.25