Gammage Title


Wednesday November 20, 1996


  • Gag Order lifted on Officer Milton Mulholland and other major figures in Gammage related trials.


Cashman Lifts Gag Order

     Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman wanted the case tried in his courtroom and not in the streets. Attorney Patrick J. Thomassey can't understand what the public wants after Officer John Vojtas was cleared by a jury last week.

     In a reluctant decision Cashman removed gags which had been wrapped around the mouths of people who were involved in the trial of three officers charged in the wrongful death of motorist Jonny Gammage after a routine traffic stop. Two gag orders had been imposed to restrain principals, witnesses and attorneys from speaking with the media or making other public comments on the trial.

     Thomassey said the lifting of the gag order was necessary to defend his client officer Milton Mulholland from what he described as a public lynching in a circus like environment.