Gammage Title


Thursday November 21, 1996


  • Students in Pittsburgh area high school refuse lunch in opposition to Vojtas decision.

  • NAACP calls for good old fashion 'black and white reunion'.


 Wilkinsburg Students Refuse Lunches and Protest.

     Over 300 students from the small, mostly black Wilkinsburg high school refused to partake of lunch.

     Instead the students gathered outside the school on Wallace Avenue carrying signs, wearing ribbons and stating their discontent with both the education at the school and their outrage in the Gammage case.

     Students explained that with a curriculum at the high school that has cut business courses, fallen behind in mathematics and English and not taken advantage of the new computer lab that students are being subjected if not trained to fail and inevitably be subject to the discrimination and mistreatment commonly displayed to them by police.

     The students were vocal in indicating that they wanted to succeed and that the Gammage incident just brought the issue of police abuse to light.

    Wilkinsburg high school's Vice-President Priscilla Jones said that she was "proud of our students" and added that it is time for students to start forming ideas about the world around them.

NAACP Calls for Reunion

     The Pittsburgh National Association for the Advancement of Colored People scheduled a gathering to address what it considers racial strife in the wake of the Jonny Gammage case.

     Billed as a "black and white reunion" by the NAACP the event will take place on Saturday November 23, 1996, from 11:30PM- 1:30PM at the Downtown YWCA located at 305 Grant Street in Downtown Pittsburgh.

    Assistant General Counsel Willie Abrams of the NAACP is scheduled to visit Pittsburgh to review the situation and speak with the District Attorneys Office about their handling of the case and strategies in the upcoming trial of two officers involved in the death of Jonny Gammage.