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April 20, 1996

AT&T's American Transtech Turns Away Blacks

The Florida Times Union reported that AT&T's American Transtech has received a complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Human Relations because it had employees refuse to take employment applications from blacks because "there were too many on staff."

After an employee objected, AT&T's subsidiary fired the complainant on frivolous charges -- looking up her own account records -- something that all employees are taught to do in the course of training.

"I was told by my supervisor, Michael Roth, to not hire qualified black applicants for employment because there were already too many on staff," Latarsha Harvey said. "When I objected to this practice," she continued, "I was told to continue my job ... A few weeks later, I was fired..."

Harvey also noted that white employees often did the same thing concerning their personal call records, but were never reprimanded for their conduct.

Linda Brimmer, another victim of AT&T's discrimination, has filed similar charges.