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February 1, 1996

AT&T Uses Initial Public Offering of Lucent Technologies to Overshadow Labor Issue

CWA and IBEW criticized AT&T for repeatedly canceling meetings meant to discuss company plans to eliminate 40,000 jobs over 3 years.

Union leaders representing 99,000 AT&T employees said that AT&T had cancelled meetings scheduled to discuss restructuring, and said also that earlier meetings were also cancelled.

AT&T is ready to file with the Securities and Exchange for an initial public offering of a number of shares in its systems and technologies company (Lucent).

CWA Vice-president James Irvine said AT&T's actions have thwarted union efforts to "raise legitimate question" on the restructuring.

"AT&T has ignored the concerns of its workers, shareholders, and customers", stated Irvine.

Irvine suggested that the SEC filing "may contain erroneous and misleading assumptions about the company's liabilities."