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October 1996

AT&T Vice President Jumps Sinking AT&T Ship

     When Alex J. Mandl left his vice-president position with the largest 
telephone company (AT&T) to take a  position with Associated Communications,
a subsidiary of Associated Communications based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
the market noticed.
     Mandl was expected to replace chairman and chief executive Robert 
Allen when he retires in the year 2000.
     The stock market welcomed Mandl as The Association Group's stock
rose 3 3/8.  
     Back over at AT&T the news was not taken so well.  AT&T's stock on
the same day plummeted 1 1/4 to 54 1/4.
     Chairman Allen in addressing Mandl's departure stated that it is not
unsual for startups in 'this industry' to attract high-level management.
     Very little sprang out from the AT&T group but one executive felt
that nothing would change.
     Mandl has a thing for cellular communications.
     Mandl had been with AT&T since 1991 when he became chief financial 
officer where he played a major role in the $11 billion acquisition of
McCaw Cellular Communications Corp.
     Now at Associated Communications Mandl will have his chance to as he
said "succeed personally, professionally and financially on an entirely
new level."
     Associated Communications has major investments in several Mexican
wireless companies.