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Adapted from a Wallstreet Journal article by DP

March 1996

Overprotective Ma? AT&T Offers To Keep Its Rivals From Calling

     Now you've got the last word says a promotional letter from the phone giant AT&T.

     Free of charge AT&T promises to keep those pesky offers from it's competitors (i.e. MCI, Sprint, LDDS, et. al) away from you. No more bothersome phone calls during dinner from some telemarketer in Kalamazoo, Iowa, no more envelopes postage paid in a town not far from you.

     AT&T hopes that it's competitors will listen to a form letter addressed to them, informing the competing service provider that "Bob is an AT&T customer, stay away from him or face some legal action."

     AT&T's competitors are already crying foul in yet the latest plot by AT&T to maintain a dwindling customer base.