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March 1996


Employee representatives have announced that AT&T has been engaging in misleading practices regarding the future of many of its employees. It seems that AT&T has been repeatedly canceling meetings which relate to the elimination of about 40,000 jobs.

CWA Vice President James Irvine said that AT&T thwarted efforts to "raise legitimate questions" on restructuring. "With its dramatic announcements, AT&T has ignored the concerns of it workers, shareholders and customers."

IBEW President John Barry explained that AT&T closed down lines o communications that previously had allowed workers and management to discuss problems. "If this is the new corporate philosophy of AT&T, they will find that we are not to be toyed with."

Irving further admitted that AT&T's filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission "may very well contain erroneous and misleading assumptions about [AT&T's] liabilities."

Union leaders promised to take various actions against AT&T to protect its workers from further abuse.