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March 3, 1997
AT&T Watches Stock Plumet 7.5% in One Day

     We told you long ago like some repetitive prophet that AT&T was
doomed!  Finally it becomes evident.
     AT&T once again is moving towards downsizing to increase the
bottom line - profits. Wall Street sharks, who also are know sometimes
as investors and analysts just are not happy with the huge numbers
AT&T keeps posting and sees any decrease in the profits as highly 
     AT&T's stock, which is the most widely held stock plunged
7.5% after new President John Walter announced increased costs
and rivalry would depress what watchers call "sluggish" profits
this year.
     Analysts took turn poking the problems they think AT&T has 
including an ovesized staff and alack of business strategy.
     Bottomline Walter plans on cutting $2.6 billion in costs over
the next two years and says i would hit every part of the business.
Somehow we believe this again will mean massive job cuts.
     Stay tuned...