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Why is Keith Maydak in Jail?


Because AT&T Framed Him

The Friends of Keith Maydak

A Non-Incorporated Association Formed to Seek Justice

Keith Maydak is currently being imprisoned in a Federal penitentiary for crimes that he did not commit and which additionally would have been impossible for him to have committed. 

AT&T created a series of crimes for a number of self-fulfilling reasons and with the blessings and assistance of the United States Attorney's Office they sought to punish Keith Maydak for their own misdeeds.

We can only speculate as to what the original reasons were for AT&T to orchestrate such a crime, but consider these: 

   1) to avoid paying Confidential Services of America the over $1,300,000.00 they claim to hold in escrow; 

   2) to keep several million other dollars that were paid to them by Local Exchange Carriers; 

   3) to divert the federal government's attention from their own $261,000,000 liability for violating tariffs. 

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