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Mail Fraud?

Or Does The United States Post Office Deliver Overnight for No Additional Charge?

     Maydak was convicted on charges of mail fraud for the letter his attorney sent to AT&T demanding payment. AT&T's Rosemarie Wilkie claimed that the letter was mailed by US Mail because she has retained a copy of the letter.

     We don't understand what that means, but that was her testimony.

     AT&T's mail room supervisor testified that it must have been mailed because the mail room records have no indication of delivery and if it had been sent by UPS, it would have been recorded. (UPS is not considered mail).

Scan of UPS Receipt

     Call up UPS and ask them if Tracking number 1681-7833-828 was sent from Richard Narvin, Esquire to Rosemary Wilkie at AT&T. Confirm the date.  

    The letter is dated 11/12/91 and AT&T stamped it received on 11/13/91.

    Overnight for 29 cents?

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