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The Friends of Keith Maydak

Real Live Quotes Page

1) "To the best of my knowledge, AT&T's responses to Maydak's numerous discovery requests are truthful."

Joe Wilson, Staff Manager
AT&T, Brigewater, NJ
December 19, 1994


2) "I have no actual knowledge of a fraud committed [by Maydak's Company]relative to the operation of their 900 telephone lines."

Brandon Gordon, denying the hearsay testimony by IRS agent Kevin McCliney at Maydak's Sentencing Hearing. May 15, 1995 (McCliney claimed Gordon alleged fraud and this false hearsay was used to double Maydak's sentence)


3) "AT&T's responses are true and correct..."

Gary Graham, AT&T employee March 7, 1995.


4) Compare this...

"AT&T commenced escrow accounts... on or about September 30, 1991...Approximately $1,149,137.92 is currently held in escrow (at Banker's Trust)."

Michael Bucci, Jr., AT&T's lawyer, June 12, 1995.

to this...???

"Escrow account initiated March 30, 1993, with dividends there is $1,260,691.91 in the account as of June 30, 1995."

Bankers Trust Company, pursuant to a subpoena, September 1995.


5) "AT&T's responses are true and correct."

Monica Scott, Staff Attorney for AT&T July 1995.


6) Compare this...

"I know that this went through the mail because we have an original in the file."

Rosemarie Wilkie, AT&T V.P. Sales. December 22, 1993, testifying at trial about a letter dated November 12, 1991, to her (which resulted in Maydak being convicted of mail fraud).

to this...???

"The attached [UPS Airbill] was signed by me on November 12, 1991."

Robert K. Linefelter, UPS Driver (indicating he picked up the letter for
UPS delivery, October 11, 1995).


7) "I prepared this affidavit to address the concerns of Keith Maydak regarding the veracity of AT&T's discovery responses."

Fred Vester, AT&T Security, December 16, 1994.


8) "At this juncture, and based on the allegations contained in the counterclaim, it cannot be said that Maydak's allegations are frivolous..."

Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Mitchell, September 1, 1994, (discussing Maydak's suit to recover the funds AT&T stole, which is pending trial).


9) "[GTE] is not entitled to recover any amount allegedly owed to [GTE] by [Maydak] for his use of telephone numbers..."

U.S. District Judge Harry Barnes, May 16, 1995, (too bad Maydak is in
jail for allegedly not paying GTE for these phone numbers).


10) "AT&T double-billed for some calls."

Headline December 6, 1991, Cleveland Plain Dealer (understatement of 1991 -- too bad Maydak is in jail due to AT&T's errors).


11) "Specifically, Defendants have improperly sought to use discovery requests in this matter to obtain evidence which they could use to attempt to overturn convictions in their prior criminal matters..."

Michael Bucci, AT&T's Attorney, August 21, 1995, (in a court filing requesting a settlement conference) -it is a shame that Maydak "improperly"wants the evidence needed to overturnthe illegal conviction.


12) "AT&T has proffered an offer of settlement whereby all parties would dismiss claims (i.e., a "walkaway" settlement)."

Michael Bucci, same day and in the same filing as item # 11.


13) "I tried to walkaway, but there was a fence with razor wire on it. Further, a jail guard pointed his gun at me. No, I just can't walk-away..."

Keith Maydak, August 23, 1995.


14) "Based on the evidence no reasonable jury could find them guilty on that one because, that one has to do with a letter."

Judge Alan Bloch, December 29, 1993, at Maydak's trial (referring to Wilkie's letter).

15) "Guilty."

the unreasonable jury on November 4, 1994.

16) "96 months," with 3 years of supervised release."

Judge Alan Bloch, June 15, 1994, sentencing Keith Maydak.


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