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     If you would like to investigate this matter, the following list of references should prove to be useful:


United States v. Maydak
, CR 93-133 (WDPA), on appeal at 94-3359 (Third Circuit)


AT&T v. Maydak v. McCaw Cellular, Motel 6 Operating, Pacific Bell, GTE Northwest
,  Civil 93-1824 (Western District of Pennsylvania)

Maydak v. US West, Civil 94-2715 (District of Colorado)

Maydak v. Nevada Bell, Civil 94-883 (District of Nevada)

Maydak v. GTE Northwest, Civil 95-69 (District of Oregon)

Maydak v. Bell Atlantic, GD 95-299 (Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Maydak v. Bonded Credit, Civil 94-1539 (District of Oregon)

All documents are also available from the Keith Maydak Foundation, Inc.

Write to:

  • The Keith Maydak Foundation
    613 Cross Street
    East McKeesport, PA 15035

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