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United States Sentencing Commission
Suite #2-500 South Lobby
One Columbus Circle NE
Washington, DC 20002-8002

Re: Amendment 44: Guideline Range for Money Laundering

Dear Honorable Commissioners:

After reviewing the potential changes in Amendment #44, I wanted to let you know that I fully support the changes. The prior guidelines were indeed harsh when, at times, the underlying crime alone would have resulted in a much lesser sentence.

I think we are all aware that many persons were given outrageous sentences because of the former guideline range and I cannot urge you enough to attempt to make this amendment retroactive.

We are all fed up with crime, but filling our prisons with non-violent offenders is not the answer. We need to end the disparity in the treatment of persons who were charged with violations of 18 USC 1957 at the whim of the United States' Attorneys who added the charges for the sole purpose of giving an increased sentence. It is time for the Commission to make a former wrong a retroactive right.

I believe that I speak on behalf of everyone concerned with crime when I say that this amendment is a good one and should be made retroactive.


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