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The Troutdale Travelodge

     Maydak was also convicted of allegedly making calls from the Troutdale Travelodge to his own 900#'s.

     On February 3 of 1995, Babu Patel, the owner of the Troutdale Travelodge paid Maydak $1,000.00 and other ``valuable consideration'' including releasing Maydak of any and all liability to the motel in exchange for Maydak releasing the motel of all liability.

     Now why would a motel pay Maydak $1,000.00 more than a year after his trial just to release him from liability? If Maydak went to your hotel and made calls and didn't pay for them, would you pay him $1,000 to release you from liability?

     The fact is, the Motel wanted to be excused from liability in connection with an employee's testimony (at Maydak's trial) that he thought Maydak made some calls.

An Affidavit signed by Babu Patel states:

That after a full investigation by Troutdale Travelodge, the following facts have been determined:

a. That in 1991, Troutdale Travelodge's GTE Northwest telephone invoice showed several calls to various 900-prefix telephone numbers including, but not limited to, calls to 900-250-2555.

b. That Troutdale Travelodge has no record which reveals who made the calls in question or if the calls were even made at all.

c. That Troutdale Travelodge can not determine and has no first hand knowledge, as to how the calls were made and whether or not the calls were billed from a guest room telephone, made from the motel switchboard or even made at all.

The owner of the Travelodge wrote those words in a signed and notarized Affidavit.

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Troutdale Travelodge Affidavit

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