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Michael Williams
Michael Boren Williams
Patriot, Musician, Intellectual

Michael's Story of Political 
Persecution in the United States
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George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography

Read all about George Bush's exploits.
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The Modified Justus Department Pages
All the worthy efforts of those pesky hackers preserved forever

The Central Stupidity Agency
Oh not again. European hackers invade the United States Government to make a political statement about a hacker related case in their country.
A place to review and preserve the United States Constitution. Features a section on Michael Williams. 

The Music of Michael Williams
Listen to the masterfully composed musical arrangements by author and musician Michael Williams.  Files are available in RealAudio streaming audio format.

The Michael Williams Effort 
A mailing list formed to assist in distribution of information
about Michael Williams and his continuing legal matters. Send a message with the subject: add williams to be added to the list.