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Michael Williams die is cast

Dated: Sat, Apr 20, 1996, 11:52 PM

     Well, I did it. Michael Williams has been in exile in Switzerland for years and was imprisoned for years before that in order to prevent his story from being published and heard. Every lawyer he has hired to help him has been threatened by the US Govt. and dropped his case.

     Michael was Gary Hart's campaign manager when Hart ran for President of the US, and Michael found out about a lot of George Bush's crimes and had evidence. Before he could publish he was arrested by the FBI without a warrant and kept in federal prisons for years, and his entire home and contents was confiscated by the FBI, and his family life destroyed.

     The FBI and the US Govt. reportedly has threatened to do the same to anyone who tries to help Michael. Someone sent a brief story on him to the publish list and I wrote to Michael to verify the story. It checks out so far, so in the interests of truth and justice I published the first of a many-part story on the publish list, and also on the following Usenet groups:    misc.survivalism
misc.activism.militia      alt.politics.libertarian
alt.censorship                         alt.conspiracy
alt.activism                              alt.journalism                   
soc.culture.usa                     alt.politics.bush

on the theory that my only protection at this point is to be as public as possible. Perhaps this will be sufficient. In any event I will keep you all informed of events as they develop, and if you have any advice on where else to publish this, advice in general, or any ideas, etc. please post them here!

Anyone who wants to help with local research is welcome to help out, offer what you can do, and brainstorm with us. Anything can help.

If anyone wants to HTML-ize any of Michael Williams' files for the web is welcome to help do that right now, especially if they are willing to set them in table format.

If anyone knows a lawyer who would be willing to talk with Michael or even help him out, please contact Michael via email:

Michael Williams <>

By tomorrow he will be subbed to this talk list if all goes well, and I will forward any responses to him in the meanwhile.

Wish me luck! This may be easy, or we may be pushing the edge of the envelope this time. In any case I feel it has to be done.

Yours, Richard.
Richard Ginn

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