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Part One of the Michael Williams story :

Political Persecution in the United States

by Michael Williams <>
published originally for Michael Williams in the CyberNews Mailing List.

Michael Williams wrote...

     It took me two full years to get online here, which finally happened a few short months ago. I'm quite a techno-dummie, and there was no one to tell me how to use CompuServe... I couldn't even find a manual or an instruction book, so I just played it all by ear - a difficult task for a techno- dummie.

     The main reason I wanted to get online is that I'd heard a lot about the Internet, and I thought that if I could get online, I could get my story out - the story the U.S. government's been successfully suppressing for over eight long years, and find an attorney to help me in my struggle for justice.

     Immediately after going online, I posted a message in the LAWSIG forum on CompuServe, under "Attorney Wanted". I was contacted by a Harvard attorney who was all gung-ho about helping me. Even though I'm impoverished, I managed to raise the funds to retain him to prepare an appellate brief for me and to file a complaint against George Bush, Janet Reno, the FBI and the U.S. government. He prepared the appellate brief quickly, and dragged his feet for months on the complaint. Once it was filed, on 15. March 1996 in the U.S. District Court in Denver, it was immediately sealed by federal court order. That's how much the government wants to keep this case quiet.

     It's very difficult for me to tell you about my case and how I ended up in Swiss exile in a brief manner, but I'll try. I'll only mention the most important details.

     After resurrecting and managing the 1988 Presidential campaign of my "friend", Senator Gary Hart, and trying to inform the American people of George Bush's life of rampant criminal activity, ex-C.I.A. Director, Bush sought revenge against me. On 18. March 1988, he ordered the FBI to arrest me (without a warrant or indictment) at my home in Colorado and (again, without a warrant) illegally seize virtually everything my family and I owned. The first item that was seized was a file pertaining to my investigation of Bush's ordering CIA Costa Rica Station Chief, Joe Hernandes, to blow up a commercial civilian airliner he thought to be carrying Senators Hart and Cohen to Managua, Nicaragua on an Iran-Contra fact-finding mission. (Oh, just for good measure, the Managua Airport was blown up, too). The attempted assassination, unlike others Bush had ordered or been involved in, (including the JFK assassination), failed, because the Senators, fearing such action from Bush, had taken an earlier flight. Note: after eight years of trying to have those files returned to me, the FBI wrote my attorney, stating that they have been "destroyed". (Surprised)?

     For about eight weeks after my warrantless arrest, I was (to use FBI jargon), "lost in the system". I was shuttled around the entire federal prison system (with some state prisons thrown in, for variety, I suppose), while the FBI went through all of my papers and terrorized everyone I knew, trying to find something to charge me with, to justify their illegal arrest.

     I was eventually taken to the Metropolitan Correctional Center (appropriately nicknamed the "Warehouse of Death") in Chicago, and charged with "fraud". The "fraud": "Presiding over a corporation that was behind in paying some bills for computer paper". As you and I know, even if that were true, it isn't fraud; otherwise every corporation in America would be guilty of fraud.

     The judge assigned to my case was Harry Leinenweber. His wife, Lynn Martin, (a Reagan-Bush cabinet member), was being considered as Bush's VP running mate for the upcoming election. (Sound like conflict of interest)? I later learnt that Bush wanted to see if she could sufficiently control her federal judge husband. She could.

     William J. Stevens, paternal nephew of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, was appointed to represent me, since the FBI had rendered me penniless. Collaborating with his friends in the FBI and Leinenweber, virtually all of my rights were violated. I wasn't even given a bail hearing!

     After nearly a year of being subjected to the most brutal, unspeakable physical and psychological torture, my attorney, (who never filed a single motion for me), whose only goal in my case had been to get me to plead guilty, finally accomplished it. He did this by falsely informing me that my infant daughter, (who was born after my arrest, and whom I had never even seen), was in a Georgia hospital, dying of spinal meningitis, and that I would be allowed to visit her death bed only if I pleaded guilty. Judge George Marovich presided over that hearing, because Leinenweber was with his wife at the Republican National Convention, where she hoped to be named as Bush's running mate. Marovich, the substitute judge, made it clear in court that he smelled a rat.

     Directly after entering the plea, I discovered my daughter really wasn't in the hospital dying. She was at home with her mother. I've been attempting to withdraw my plea ever since.

     After entering the plea, I didn't get to visit my "dying" daughter. I was transferred to Marion: the worst prison in the world. I was sentenced to 2 years incarceration, followed by 5 years consecutive probation.

     At the time of my sentencing (under the old federal guidelines) I was already eligible for parole, since I had been imprisoned for so long. Nevertheless, I was not even allowed to APPLY for parole, exactly as I had never been allowed to apply for bail. I was forced to serve the maximum amount of time on my sentence. I served more time on a 2- year sentence than most other prisoners serve on 6-year sentences.

     After being released from prison in 1989, I went to Georgia to reunite with my family, who had fled there after the FBI seized all of our property. They had gone to live with my mother-in-law. As soon as I arrived there to begin my 5 years of consecutive probation, my U.S. probation officer, Kenneth D. Harris, ordered me to take the "next bus out" to San Diego, California, adding "...'cause that's as far as my finger goes on this here map". I was being sent into exile, 3,000 miles from my family.

     The FBI encouraged and assisted my wife with obtaining an illegal "quickie" divorce in the Rome, Georgia Superior Court, and then in kidnapping our two small daughters and going underground in another state. The FBI and U.S. Probation Department forbade me taking legal action to have the invalid divorce decree set aside.

     My exile in San Diego was, in most ways, far worse than being in prison. I was not allowed to leave the county for any reason, and there were several attempts on my life by the FBI and their "unofficial" hit men.

     My attorney, William J. Stevens, eventually advised me that the FBI were going to assassinate me or send me back to Marion on a false, technical probation violation unless I agreed to leave the country. Bush was furious that I had gotten off "so easy", he was shocked that I had survived everything that had been thrown at me, and he wanted to silence me. Stevens made a quick appearance in Judge Leinenweber's court and received "permission" from the judge for me to live in Switzerland, and report to my probation officer by mail on a monthly basis.

     About an hour after arriving in Switzerland, on 12. June 1991, I received a phone call from Stevens. He said he was relaying a message to me from the FBI and U.S. Attorney that if I were to ever return to the United States, I would be placing my "life and freedom in the greatest possible jeopardy".

     Since that time, I have written over 10,000 letters to attorneys, politicians and organizations, seeking assistance in obtaining a guarantee of safe passage based on humanitarian grounds to return home. I have received a small handful of replies. About 90% of those few replying wrote that they were "terrified" of the FBI and would not dare assist me. About another 5% were from attorneys asking for retainer Michael & Senator McGovernfees that only O.J. Simpson could afford, totally ignoring the fact that I have remained destitute since the illegal seizure of all of my assets. The remaining 5% accuse me of being a liar, and saying "things like this don't happen in America".

     Another of my so-called "friends", Senator George McGovern, met with me in Germany, and intimated that he had witnessed the power and evil of the FBI at close range, and was terrified to try to assist me.

     My "friend", famed California attorney, Robert F. Bourne, said his wife was terrified of the FBI and vowed to divorce him if he decided to represent me.

     Park Avenue attorney Robert S. Meloni, who represents Terry Reed (author of "Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the C.I.A."), said his wife also threatened to divorce him if he decided to represent me. This is a clear indication that my case is far more sensitive to the government even than Terry Reed's.

     Two years ago, the FBI terrorized my 79-year-old aunt, Dorothy, who lives in Indianapolis with her husband. She raised me after my mother died when I was a boy. She is like a mother to me. They told her I was in exile, that I could never return home, and that she'd never see me again. This terrorist "attack" caused her to suffer a near-fatal stroke, which left her entire right side permanently paralyzed and her speech and memory abilities seriously impaired. I am told that Bill and Hillary Clinton actually laughed at my request for a guarantee of safe passage to visit her in the hospital, immediately after she suffered the stroke, and it did not appear she would live.

     That's as brief as I can explain my situation. If you would like to read more about it, you can download the file, which is located at:

     If you would like to verify anything I've written, you may contact attorney Robert F. Bourne at (619) 238-1124. He knows every detail of my case.

     The file contains several of the motions, petitions, writs and affidavits I filed with the courts in pro se. I think you'll find some of them very interesting. In response to my informing the U.S. Court of Appeals about the threats made to me by the FBI and others, I received a "warning" from Chief Judge Richard Posner, of "serious sanctions" being imposed on me if I continued "to make scandalous statements about the FBI". Of course, this has not stopped me. After all, what have I got to lose?

     Since going online, the people who have been the most supportive and sympathetic have been members of the Militia and the Libertarian Party, including some present Libertarian Party political candidates.

     I'm sorry if this is too long. It's hard to put more than eight years of hell into so few words.

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